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Watercolour Workshops 2012


Exciting new workshop dates are now availale for 2012.The following one day workshops will take place at Winchfield Village Hall in Hampshire, U.K. There is accomodation nearby in hotels, B&B and the local inn which is right next door to the workshop venue. Lunches and refreshments are included in the fee. Every session is aimed at a high level of motivation and inspiration so that when you leave you will be eager to paint with renewed enery in your brushstrokes. Please be warned, these workshops are great fun, addictive and full of new ideas,techniques and information.  It is advisable to book very quickly to avoid disappointment so please choose your favourite session and contact me on as soon as you know which session you would like to attend.

February 2012



14th February Watercolours With Life Winter 2012   FULLY BOOKED

What better time of year or day to  bring emotion into your work? A fantastic start to 2012  painting a variety of subjects  aiming to bring a sense of life and exciting movement into each. This popular session is a wonderful introduction into Jeans unique painting style. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Fee £115


15th February  Beating the Blues!   FULLY BOOKED

Back by popular demand! An incredible  day loosening up and discovering a whole new range of techniques to create fascinating watercolours that burst with energy and drama.  Bring all your favourite blue shades but discover how to make them sing! Nothing boring about this day,  a great start to 2012!

Fee £115



16th February The Artist in You   FULLY BOOKED

Lacking confidence in your art? Feeling jaded from painting in the same style continually? Not achieving the goals you set out to achieve in the past.? Something is missing and you don't know what? This is the session for you! Its time to look ahead to 2012 as a whole new year and consider options with your art that you may have thought out of reach. This workshop is about bringing the very best out in you as an artist and looking at ways to make your paintings have the "Wow" factor!

As a more intensive and individual session places are strictly limited so please book early. Artists attending will be given full information on what to bring and receive personal feedback from me after the class.

Fee  £150

April 2012  


3rd April. Watercolours with Life Spring 2012  FULLY BOOKED

A complete change in our palette as we look at ways to bring  vibrancy into our results  with zingy fresh shades. A suggestion of  colours to bring will be  forwarded just before this session for all artists attending. However you painted in the past this is a new year and it's time to take a fresh look at how we paint, what we create and how we can improve. Let's go for gold!

Fee £115


4th April. Animal Madness.  FULLY BOOKED

The lambs will be jumping in the fields and  there will be sparks flying off your brushes in this session. Farm animals, pets ,wildlife. It's all here! Bring your favourite photographs and  have a fantastic day to remember. Painting fur? No problem! Eyes that speak to you and are filled with emotion? No problem.

Book now!

Fee £115


5th April. Sensational Spring Flowers.  FULLY BOOKED

The room will be filled as usual at this time of year with a variety of gorgeous spring flowers to work from life with. But we need to paint whole compositions as well as studies of each individual flower. Learn how to paint backgrounds, complete a whole painting and more! A favourite session.

Fee £115

June 2012


5th June Watercolours with Life Summer   FULLY BOOKED


A special Jubilee session that is full of  rich colour, exciting new subjects and glorious new ways to paint them. This popular introduction workshop to Jeans style gets a summer look as the season turns to hot and exciting compositions and colour combinations.

Fee  £115


6th June  Seeing Red!  FULLY BOOKED

This is a HOT workshop! The idea is to make each painting  as dramatic as possible and the emphasis is on impact! Not for the faint hearted, this workshop will have you racing for your brushes. In the Olympic year this is the best time to bring out the best in you! This workshops is all about what YOU can achieve as an artist so be brave!

Fee  £115


7th June  Summertime and the Living is Easy! Relax!   FULLY BOOKED

Everything Summer from playing on the beach to painting summer flowers. Light plays a huge element in this workshop so  shadows, darks and beautiful colours will be  a priority.  We will be creating atmosphere and magic via brushstrokes and new techniques. I can't wait for this one!

Fee  £115

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